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​​​​Creating warm sheltered places in the sun

I’ve always had an interest in building design. I remember visiting construction sites with my father’s job as a heavy equipment operator. My grandfather was a building estimator in Chicago, and my mother passed on to me some of his estimating equipment. So it was no wonder that during a high school drafting class I discovered my passion for, 


Projects shown on this page:

1. Private Residence, Albuquerque, New Mexico

     New Construction

2. Adobe & Pines, Bed & Breakfast, Taos, New Mexico

    New Construction, Conventional Off-site Construction

3. Private Residence, Albuquerque, New Mexico


4. Seventh Day Adventist, Las Vegas, New Mexico

    Reuse of portable building modules

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A building project that expands your personal life or grows your business is an exciting process, but getting started can be intimidating.

You may be wondering,
          *Where do I begin?
          *What are my options and obligations?
          *How will my ideas be conveyed to a builder?
          *How can I make my dream a reality?

If these are just some of your questions you are asking yourself then, La Resolana (La Res-o-lana) Architects is here to help. We are educated, trained and qualified to answer these and other questions and help you through the design and construction process.  Our goal is to provide appropriate design solutions for your building requirements and make the design and construction process a great experience.  Remember, planning your project is just as important as building your project and the cost for architectural services is much less than rebuilding construction mistakes.

Every owner wants their building project to be a success and that success greatly depends on the proper preparation.

To get your project started on the right path, request your copy of  "How to Prepare for Your Design Project" from our Resources  page or Contact Us to request a consultation.

Thank you for stopping by.


​Earl Hilchey, ALA