A Needs & Options Review

This is a Needs and Options Review report sample. Your report may look different 

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Las Vegas, New Mexico.

A house of P.I.S.E.

Earl Hilchey in Santa Fe, NM on Houzz

La Resolana Architects, P.A.

Initial Consultation

​the next step

Now that you have gone through the Guide "How to Prepare for Your Design Project", whats next?

To further develop your project, the next step is to conduct what we refer to as a Needs and Options Review. The Needs and Option Review has several benefits:

  • It can help you better understand the requirements, constraints, and potential roadblocks for your project.
  • It will minimize your risk of faulty design decisions by laying the proper groundwork up front.
  • It will allow you to create the proper foundation for a project, saving money in the long run.
  • It will allow you to explore your goals for the project in a structured format.

This initial consultation will include the following:

  • Obtain an architect’s opinion on the project feasibility.
  • Produce an outline brief detailing rooms, sizes, orientation etc.
  • Discuss potential solutions in outline form.
  • Discuss the “look and feel” of a potential scheme.
  • Discuss the planning viability of the project and ideas.
  • To give an outline of construction costing for budget usage.
  • Outline the requirements for building and zoning regulations.

The cost for this service is $795.00 and includes an initial site visit, a hard copy and an electronic copy of the written report addressing the item listed above and a follow up meeting. The follow up meeting can be at the site or clients place of business or by phone. The report will also include our schedule of services & fee proposal on next stages of project.

There is an additional cost for travel to and from the project site. Travel costs include mileage at 55 cents per mile and my hourly rate for travel at $75.00/hour.

Your might ask why this report would be important. A few years ago a local business in Albuquerque was looking to expand their operation. They had gone through the design process, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, up to the point of applying for a building permit. A review of the plans for the building permit revealed they did not meet all of the city’s zoning requirements and that significant changes would be needed in order to comply. Needless to say the Owner was not happy. 

I have a better approach to this process that is why I offer this service.